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Monday, July 25, 2011

Captain Jack

I like Renaissance festivals.  I went to Scarborough Faire for the first time in eighth grade.  It was a field trip and while many of my compatriots were more interested in the "wenches" with their rather immodest attire (I hung out with almost all guys back then) I was into the drama of it all.  I soooo wanted to don a bustier myself and start calling people "m'lord" and "m'lday."  I envied the players, even the ones wearing velvet in hundred degree weather.  They got to

As I got older I did manage to get in on the fun.  My sisters and I invested in some awesome costumes and, while we sometimes still went in jeans and tanks, we often were belly dancers or ladies in waiting.  It was so much fun.  To pretend for a day that you belonged to a different era.  To be someone other than yourself and get a break from reality, if only for an afternoon.  To play.

In May of 2007, I took my little man Ed to Scarborough Faire.  It was a colossally good day.  Although I didn't deck him out in full Ren Faire garb for practical reasons, I knew my little drama king would be all kinds of irritated if everyone got to play dress-up but him.  So we had a Captain Jack Sparrow costume that was leagues too big but luckily Eddie's head was a couple sizes later than your average toddler's and the scarf/wig could be modified to fit.  The results were hilarious and Eddie was more than happy to entertain.  We scored him a canopied Dragon Wagon and proceeded to have one of the best days ever.

Looking at these pictures, it is still hard for me to believe he only had a few months left to live.  And although I had been to Scarborough dozens of times before he was born, I have not made it back.  Next year, I am planning on taking Baby Boy and Baby Girl.  They will have too much fun being a pirate and a princess not to indulge them and I think I'm up for it.  I might even let Baby Boy don the Captain Jack hat, but I doubt it.  There are some things that should not be repeated, that were so good and so perfect that they should be allowed to stand as they are.  Kind of like smashing a glass into the fireplace after celebrating a big moment, I think the Captain Jack headdress is retired.

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